Why It’s Okay to Buy an Outdated Home

Guest Post by Shayna Mahoney

There you are with the checklist of your dream home. Updated white kitchen, garage, three bedrooms, one acre backyard fenced in, side street, close to school and work, etc.

You are not interested in purchasing a home that needs any big renovations. You want to walk in to your all-ready dream home at your budget and make a quick offer!

Then you begin your search. Unfortunately, you end your day feeling defeated, frustrated and want to give up on your dream home because it just doesn’t seem possible. You realize that you may need to open up to the idea of an older home that needs updates, but you are resistant and fearful. And of course people in your family and friend circle have their own opinions and judgements on what you should and shouldn’t be doing…

You may only see dollar signs when you walk through a house that hasn’t been updated in at least 20 years. You quickly realize that you don’t want to live with a pink bathroom or green kitchen forever and it may turn you away from even putting in an offer. But the updated homes on the market seem way out of your budget.

As a homeowner and an owner of a kitchen and bath remodeling company, I look at a house that only needs cosmetic updates as an incredible opportunity!

  1. You can save money on the offer
    The seller of the home is well-aware that the home needs updates. If they are willing to make a quick-sale, they will most likely be open to accepting a lower offer. You could end up saving the amount that you need to set aside for renovations when you’re ready.
  2. There may not be as many offers
    Other potential homeowners may not be as open to purchasing a home that needs updates. There may be less offers on the home you are looking at. Being open-minded allows you to have more of a chance to purchase a home sooner rather than later because you’re not waiting for the rare perfect opportunity.
  3. Make the home your own
    When my husband and I were looking for our first home, we looked at a few for sale that had been updated and we were not that impressed. Maybe it’s because we have a deep understanding of products, design and installation, but we also had an idea of our style. We didn’t want to spend money on an updated home that we hated. It didn’t make sense to renovate a perfectly nice kitchen and bathroom just because we personally thought it was ugly. When we found our home, it had great structure and just needed to be updated from 1985. We have been designing and installation products that match our own style and needs. It’s been fun to work with a blank slate.
  4. Do what you can as you go
    You can plan accordingly when it comes to home updates. Maybe you can live with the pink tile for a few more months while you save for the bathroom renovation. You don’t need to rush into renovations if everything is working properly. Take your time, do your research and know that you will be making it your own soon enough.
  5. Less pressure
    As you may know, buying a home can be pretty stressful. There are so many headaches of trying to find homes in the location you want with your specific checklist. Once you add more flexibility to your wants and needs, you will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders and notice more opportunities arising.

Buying the perfect home is not always easy. Once you open up to the idea of renovations, you can use your imagination and create the home of your dreams. Working with knowledge professionals for buying and remodeling a home, will reduce stress and overwhelm when making this big life decision.

Shayna Mahoney and her husband, John, own Emerald City in Plymouth, MA. They specialize in kitchen and bathroom renovations. They believe there’s no place like home to make memories with family and friends.

You can learn more and view project photos at:
Instagram: @emerald_city_llc
2307 State Rd.
Plymouth, MA 02360

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