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Renters are an important part of our economy. Wether you are in transition for education, a new job, or pre-purchase, this decision is important. Let us help.



Parkway Real Estate can assist you in finding your next rental. We have agents experienced in helping you search for an navigate available units, their pros and cons, and their costs. Our process is to collect your application materials ahead of time, in order to present the best package to landlords.

The following forms may be required to rent an apartment in the area:

  • Application Checklist – Use this checklist to ensure you have everything we need! – Paystubs, Credit Reports, and more!
  • PRE Rental Fee Disclosure – Fees can range from $0 to 2 full month’s rent, and are based on the apartment you are interested in. Parkway will charge you at least 1/2 month’s rent, so it’s important you understand this.
  • Blank Rental Application – Fill this out entirely, but please – LEAVE THE SOCIAL SECURITY # and BANK ACCOUNT # areas blank!
  • References Template – Please fill this out to the best of your ability. The more info you can provide, the more comfortable landlords will be.
  • Authorization for Credit and Background Pull – Sometimes we ask you to pull your own credit from a site like Credit Karma to start (you can’t do this from a phone, it must be a from a computer showing a full PDF with credit score and monthly responsibilities). However, sometimes we need to take things a step further and do an external pull. This form allows us to do so.
  • Authorization to Verify Application Info – you have provided some great info, but we may need to verify a few things. This form allows us to do so.
  • Blank W9 – if a landlord is requesting a security deposit, we may ask you to fill out this form. DO NOT RETURN VIA EMAIL. Because this form is requesting sensitive info, it must be sent securely. You can download the form to be ready, but please – hold for now!

94% of our clients are referral.

Will you be next?


“Christina was amazing to work with. My family had to find a new place to rent in just a short few months, due to a non-renewal of our current lease because of repairs. We were having limited luck looking on our own and decided to try an agency… Unlike other rental agents we had worked with in the past, Christina took the time to get to know us and prioritize our needs that fit in our budget.” K.J.

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