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We love matching our clients’ homes with qualified buyers for two-way success.

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our 5 step selling process

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

After we connect briefly to ensure it’s a fit, we schedule a more formalized meeting for a quick crash course on what’s to come. We take the time to educate you long before your first open house.

Step 2 – Choose Us

Even if you’re not selling for months, we get through the paperwork so we can start to laser focus on your home’s value over time in your specific area. Preparation is key.

Step 3 – Marketing

Professional photos, flyers, email marketing, and social media promotion, oh my! We will also schedule all open houses, broker previews, and property tours. We do it all for you to help you sell your home because we’re that committed to your success. Learn more here.

Step 4 – Offers & Negotiations

Allow us to collect the offers and decode them for you so you can make the best possible choice for you and your family.

Step 5 – Closing

We provide advice and support for a smooth close. Relationships never end at closing – you can consider us your real estate teammates for life!

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