High School Scholarship winner announcement

Inaugural Parkway Real Estate High School Scholarship Announcement!

First, please let me apologize for a miscommunication on my end for the announcement of our scholarship recipient. The dates had changed to be June 20th, allowing plenty of time to read through the essays. However, on the marketing materials I reviewed and subsequently approved, I had overlooked that the original date of June 15th was still noted. My sincerest apologies as you awaited the results of our contest.

With that being said… I am delighted to introduce the recipient of our Inaugural High School Scholarship contest! This is something I plan to do yearly, as I thoroughly enjoyed learning about those who rose to the challenge and their personal reasoning for choosing the quote or mantra they did. Education is extremely important and as a parent myself I do understand the financial strain it can place on families who choose non-public options for their children, for a variety of reasons. I hope this small scholarship token will help ease some of that burden.

To remind everyone, the task was this – “Create your own motivational quote or mantra. What would it be? How it could be used to inspire yourself or others?”

The individual selected wrote a very simple, yet memorable and effective quote, “When you cheat, you only cheat yourself. It is one I could see myself repeating with ease as I strive to finish a task, or perhaps to my agents as I train them to go the extra mile for a client. It can be used when I am coaching business clients to uncover ways they can improve in both life and career, and I can even imagine myself repeating this to my own children when I am asking them to be their best self. My favorite lines within the essay were, “When you cheat people will see that and it reflects what you are truly made of” and “When you take the extra step to make sure you did your absolute best you set good examples for people around you and people that look up to you”. As a business owner who wants to leave a legacy of quality over quantity, and a firm believer in raising the next generation to be of strong moral character, both lines really resonated with me. I was inspired!

When noting activities and leadership roles on the application, this person was involved with a variety of sports and, also, works as an umpire for little league where they can “be a leader on and off the field by treating people with respect“. The character of this individual was clear throughout their application, quote, and essay and so I am more than delighted to announce Jack Goonan as the recipient of our first ever Parkway Real Estate High School Scholarship! Congrats, Jack!

~ Danielle M. O’Brien

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