Getting to know Shawn Brown of Parkway Real Estate

Getting to Know Shawn

For the month of October , let’s find out and get to know more of  Shawn Brown

[1]What do you enjoy most about being an agent?

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an agent is meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, embarking on a new adventure in their lives. Whether they are moving, buying a first home, or venturing into a new apartment, there is something truly humbling about being able to say you were a part of their story.

[2]What was your first car?

My first car was a 1989 Jeep Cherokee that my father passed down to me. It had almost 200k miles on it but it was mine and I loved it.

[3]Would you rather play a game, watch a movie, or read?

I’m fairly competitive, I would definitely chose a game no matter the stakes.

[4]What’s your favorite type of food?

My favorite type of food is my wife’s cooking. I’m truly spoiled at home … if it’s ordering out, definitely pizza (Santarpio’s hands down)

[5]Tell us a funny story!

A funny story off the top of my head was a few years back we were living in Southie during one of the worst winters in recent memory. We started driving to Rhode Island to escape the city and just kept going until we ended up in the Florida Keys! It was a trip of a lifetime especially because of the spontaneity!

[6]What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I once jumped off the bridge at Lake Havasu. It doesn’t seem that high at first, but when your falling it feels like forever and Afterwards, I’ve heard horror story’s of people not coming back up…yikes!

[7]What was your first job?

My first job was as a scorekeeper in my hometown hockey rink. I never realized how cold it was when you’re not the one on the ice in the action.

[8]What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

My favorite family holiday tradition is on Thanksgiving. My wife and I have the honor of hosting close to 30 ppl combined from our two families. We are writing new traditions each year from that.

[9] What do you love most about your own home?

What I love most about my home is our neighbors and our community. It really is a special place. I’m happy to call West Roxbury home. Not to mention my wife and I used Parkway Real Estate to purchase it!

[10]Why Parkway Real Estate?

My sister has been running Parkway for about 5 years from the ground up. If anyone knows anything about real estate it’s Danielle, and if she doesn’t know she’ll go the extra mile to research the answer. Parkway has a wonderful crop of agents who I truly respect both as colleagues and as friends.

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