Getting to know Sharon

For the month of July , let’s find out and get to know more of Sharon Foley.

What is life like outside of real estate?   Although Real Estate is more of a passion than a career I spend my non-work time in many ways. With 2 grown children I have time to travel and explore many parts of the world. When I am home I spend much of my time baking and tending to my garden.

What is your favorite past time?  I often enjoy making creative decorative baskets. Often with a particular holiday theme but others with varying decors.

What food do you crave most often?    Salmon! I often eat it cooked many ways as much as 3 or 4 days a week.

What was your favorite game as a child?   Any board game. Different games to play with my family and friends to spend some quality time. In fact I still have game nights with friends and family on a regular basis!

Are you a Cat or Dog person?   While I enjoy all of our 4 legged friends I am definitely more of a dog person. Having a dog as a child and more recently a dog as my children were growing up I am still amazed how much they become part of your family!

Do you have a hobby?  Baking and gardening would be my hobby.

What is your favorite music?  Although this wasn’t always the case I have recently become a huge fan of Country music.

How long have you been a licensed real estate agent? 4 years

What is your memorable and unforgettable experience  as as realtor?  The first time I met a buyer and put them in the perfect house was a remarkable feeling. Knowing they would have years of happiness for their family with everything they would need.

Why Parkway Real Estate?  Parkway Real Estate cares most about the clients. We are the right size that we have the right team and leverage to position our sales well. The agents all work together and are supportive of each other. Most importantly integrity and honesty are our priority to ensure we provide top service to all of our clients.

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