Getting to know Dennis Patch of Parkway Real Estate

Getting to Know Dennis

For the month of January , let’s find out and get to know more of our Associate Broker Dennis Patch so here are some questions we asked him

What is life like outside of the office?
Hanging with Zachary, Chelsea & Julia; home made pizza on Friday nights; & swimming, biking & traveling!

What is your most memorable travel experience?
Going on a Safari in Kenya.

Name your favorite local restaurant.

What was your favorite sport growing up?

Do you have any hidden talents our readers should know about?
I can ride a unicycle, if you see the annual Roslindale Parade you might see me.

Do you have any charities near and dear to your heart?
The full belly project. An inventor who made a peanut shelling machines and instead of patenting the machine he shares it and now molds are world wide.

How did you get into the real estate industry?
I started to invest in real estate in 2000 and decided to get my license because I couldn’t find a realtor that was a good investor.

What is the most unique property you have ever sold?
A boarded up brick three-family with a slate roof that is now completely renovated.

What’s your best advice for agents new to the business?
Plan your perfect week with family first, always have your top client list & your integrity.

Why Parkway Real Estate?
I started worked with Daniel O’Brien in 2010 and know I enjoy working with agents that thrive to be the best.

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