High School Scholarship Announcement

1st Inaugural Parkway Real Estate High School Scholarship

Eight is my favorite number.

It’s the only number that remains connected.

Turn it sideways, and its the symbol for infinity.

It was my rugby position/number in college.

And, Parkway Real Estate celebrates 8 years in its location this month.

What better way to celebrate favorite things, connection, activity, and success than with a scholarship celebrating high school students?

After all, for many of us some of the best years of our life are in high school or soon after. It is an impressionable time when we make lifelong connections, participate in all kinds of sports and activities, and kick off on our journeys to be successful adults.

Speaking of being successful, sometimes getting there can be quite a road. I will say – there are so many more resources that can help soon-to-be adults with their goals than years ago. There is so much more support in regard to access to research, personal mentorship or coaching, and finding means for inspiration as one navigates their future. Still, there are bumps in the road and more questions than answers sometimes. One way to keep yourself on the path to success is to have a favorite mantra or inspirational quote to reflect on. Something to help you “keep on keeping on”.  

So, with that – I am proud to announce our first annual Parkway Real Estate High School Scholarship. We will be awarding a local student $1000 towards their high school tuition.

I grew up outside the city, where most kids went to their local high school. Unfortunately, where we live – that’s not really an option. The closest public high school has closed and many of the other options are not “local” to our area of Boston; they involve quite a commute via bus or train. Many families often choose to send their children to a closer private school or continue in religiously tied schools. These costs have steepened, and we are seeing some families leave our beloved “Parkway area” due to the financial implications of this choice. The decision for Parkway Real Estate to offer a scholarship was born after consulting with many families that are considering a home sale and relocation instead of footing this bill. This scholarship can, hopefully, help ease the financial burden for those who choose to stay.

There are some rules, and you’ll need to create a mantra or inspirational quote of your own, so be sure to read the attachments below for more info. The deadline is June 10th, so please – don’t delay!

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